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Rituals of Connection

Important Note: This workshop will take place at 1:00pm MST (12pm PST, 3pm EST).

About Rituals of Connection: In between the phases of honeymooning and the stalemate that can happen in a long-term relationship, there is the fertile ground of your 'day-to-day'. You know, that place where your relationship gets 'put on the back burner while we navigate the stresses of life' kind of thing?

Then one day, you wake up, and wonder: 'who is this stranger lying next to me?'

What if you created an intentional practice that would help you re-connect and continuously create deeper intimacy and love?

That is what Rituals of Connection is all about. Come prepared to re-visit the parts of yourself and your partner that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

This one hour workshop will be an introduction to the art of reconnecting with your partner.

What is the format?: In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to sit with your partner in a sacred space called a 'Puja'. A puja is a ritual that simply means devotion or worship. The only things required to participate are a curiosity to see the good and authentic core of your partner, and willingness to acknowledge and appreciate that part of them.

You will:

-slow down

-become present in your body

-connect through intentional touch

-see your partner from the heart

-express appreciation

Arriving here with your partner opens up space for intimate and honest communication.

Walk away with tools for a practice that you can put to use on your own and stay connected.

Who is this for? Any couple in any stage of their relationship: from newly dating, to newlywed, to partners who have been together for years or decades! All that is needed is an acknowledgment that you’re not as connected as you would like to be, and some level of willingness to strengthen and deepen your commitment.

How to prepare: Make sure to create a quiet space so that you can enhance your ability to be present. Make a comfortable space to sit in front of each other, either on the floor or in chairs that can be turned to face one another. Nice lighting, some soft music, and a candle may help set the space for this intentional practice. Please make sure if you have children that they are not present. This is about reestablishing your connection between yourself and your partner as a couple.

This is an online webinar. Once you register for the workshop, you will be sent a link for a Zoom meeting invitation. You can participate from your phone or your computer (on your computer, you can have your video on or off, whatever helps you enhance your ability to be present with your partner.)

What is the investment: Lovewise School is holding these workshops for a very reduced rate while we establish and create the format that works best for participants. For a limited time, we are offering this workshop for $20 per couple!

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