Want to feel more pleasure? Try this.

I write a lot of random notes in my notebook(s). I found this nugget today: "Consciousness is enfolded in our physical form."

I don't know what exactly I meant in that moment, but here's what it makes me think of in this present moment:

The body is intricately interwoven with the rest of our experiences. I see people stiffened in their movements, not from age, but from years of suppressing emotions, or from not expressing their authentic selves in an attempt to fit in or conform to what society thinks we should do with our lives.

Emotions are energy in motion. When something wants to move through you, there is a physical expression of that as movement in your body. When you block yourself from feeling a wave of emotion, you block your physical body as a way to block the emotion. After years of this, your body stops moving. And chances are, you don't feel much of anything.

Blocking yourself from feeling negative emotions can make sense. Heartbreak is fucking awful. Grief can rip you apart. We don't want to feel these things because they hurt. But when we block negative emotions, we shrink our capacity to feel, period. So we block our ability to feel joy, love, and pleasure. And I KNOW we all want to feel those things. I want to. I can't think of one single person who doesn't want more of those things. Often, we end up seeking temporary pleasure outside of ourselves in an attempt to find a sub par replacement for the lack of joy, love and pleasure we feel within.

So go on and do the courageous thing. FEEL. All of it. Let your body move through all of the feelings. Go get yourself a kick ass playlist, the one that you can't help but dance to. And then dance. Move your body. Fling yourself about. Writhe, wriggle, and undulate. Jump, shout, beat the floor. Stuff will MOVE through you. See how much you can let it. Let it move, let it flow. All of it. The anger, the sadness, the grief, the heartbreak. On the other side, you may begin to feel the light, the laughter, the ecstasy, the love.

Find your authentic self through the expression of your moving body. Let your whole being merge with the perfect expression of consciousness living through your physical form.