Definitions of Love

What is your definition of love?

Here's (one of) mine.

My version includes: championing another person's sovereignty. Letting another person have an experience of their choosing, in their quest for their own happiness and growth. That experience might not be an experience *I* choose. It might not even include me.

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Creating Sacred Relationships

Many couples are doing okay but feel like something is missing. Others may have a sense that they are great friends, but not great lovers. Some feel like they are only roommates, or that they have been disconnected for years, fueling resentment. The great news is, that wherever your relationship is now is not where it needs to stay.

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Erin Celeste
Transforming anxiety with biodynamic craniosacral therapy

The constant 'noise' in my head caused by anxiety prevented me from seriously pursuing creative passions like dance and music. It discouraged me from certain educational paths. It talked me out of many a social or recreational pursuit, and crippled my ability to leave the house on many an occasion. It has caused me chronic body discomfort, digestive issues, jaw tension and an inability to concentrate. It robbed me of joy, confounded my ability to make clear decisions, or to even hear the wisdom of my own intuition.

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Tuning In to the Frequency of Self-Love

When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up four years ago, I was devastated. I remained attached to him in unhealthy ways that negatively affected me, him and close mutual friends. I was broke, alone in my mourning, and felt abandoned. I remember crying so hard one night I vomited. This went on for months. Summer turned into autumn, and then into the inevitable darkness of winter.  I spent that long winter in a basement apartment, isolated and lonely, with spotty internet service and my two cats. It was not pretty. 

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Relationships 101

Sounds silly, I know. But how many of us were ever taught the art of healthy relationships? 

Most of us learn how to 'do' relationships from the ways in which our parents or primary caretakers engaged in their relationships. And....well.....let's just say that for me, Relationship School in my family left a lot to be desired. Because they weren't well educated in healthy relationships either!

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