Creating Sacred Relationships

When was the last time you felt a sense of deep connection and intimacy with your partner? If it feels like ages, or if you have never really been there to begin with, you are not alone. Our fast-paced and chronically stressed out culture is not structured in a way that supports the cultivation of healthy 'sacred relationships'. Sacred relationships are about using intimacy to awaken to a deeper level of ourselves. It's about accessing our bodies and senses so that we can open our hearts. What does this mean? It means cultivating a practice of opening yourself to giving and receiving love. Sacred relationships are a new understanding of how relationships can fuel personal and human transformation.

Elements that make up a sacred relationship include:

  • Autonomy - Honoring yourself and your partner as an individual with your own set of goals, interests, and desires that can exist within the context of your larger relationship. Not only do you each maintain your individuality, but you also actively encourage the other to do so. This does not threaten the strength of the relationship, but enhances it.

  • Awakening - There is mutual interest in using the relationship as a vehicle for growth, healing and spiritual development, as well as dedicated action to achieve this.

  • Intimacy - Your partnership grows in connection, depth, juiciness and sexual intimacy over time instead of diminishes. 

A sacred relationship must be cultivated with both willingness and intention. Imagine having a beautiful, lush garden in your new home. What would happen if you never once watered or tended to the garden? Weeds. Disease. Withering. Relationships, like gardens, require care and attention to flourish. For you to have the loving, sexy, nourishing and resilient connection you desire, you must prioritize your partnership now, just as you did when you first met. 

One path to creating a deep connection involves awakening your sensuality through your senses. The natural place to start is through your body. There are numerous practices designed to help you feel more in your body (this is often called 'embodiment'). Embodiment practices include meditation, movement, breath and touch. These practices can be done solo or with a partner; if you are single, you can create the groundwork to call in a sacred relationship, and if you are already partnered, you can clear the stagnation and transform your relationship. Imagine being able to feel more alive to pleasure, more in tune with your partner, and more joy and ease in all areas of your life! 

Many couples are doing okay but feel like something is missing. Others may have a sense that they are great friends, but not great lovers. Some feel like they are only roommates, or that they have been disconnected for years, fueling resentment. The great news is, that wherever your relationship is now is not where it needs to stay. Like everything in life, you can create what you desire, including a deep and soulful sacred relationship.

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Ways to work with me:

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Erin Celeste