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Love redefined

-3 or 6 month coaching program-

Defining your own rules for life and love.

What is Love Redefined?

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a Groundhog Day scenario in your dating or love life? Is the same person coming into your life in a different package? Do you and your beloved keep hashing out the same issue over and over?

This is for those who are tired of approaching relationships from a place of fear, and long to create the energy of connection, empowerment, warmth and pleasure in their relationships.

Tired of transactional dating (ie: I will only give you love if you give me x,y,z first.)? The price of admission for full-bodied, delicious love is choosing love in every moment. It demands fearless self-love by tending to your inner landscape. How?

Embracing your body wisdom in alignment with your mind. It takes courage to move out of our old paradigm about how love hurts, and to forge a bold new path. If you're ready to live life outside of the status quo, join me for Love Redefined.

Program Outcomes

When you show up ready to transform, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Develop unshakable self-confidence so you can speak your truth in all areas of life - love, family, career.

  2. Become empowered by owning your sensual self-expression.

  3. Experience true lasting intimacy while being your authentic self

  4. Upgrade your love mindset so that you are creating relationships that are right for you.


Erin Celeste

Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, Relationship Guide and Love Rebel

Fearless Heart Includes:

  • Intro VIP Kick-Off Call (Three Hours)

  • Twelve (12) one-on-one coaching calls (60 minutes), either in person, phone or via Zoom

  • One bonus deep dive to juice up the current state of your love life

  • Surprises!

  • 30 days of ‘love sparks’: relationship gifts you can practice either solo or as a couple

  • Downloadable meditation…….

  • Email or Messenger access to Erin (24 hour response time)

Plus One Bonus ($850 value, included free)

Option 1: Dating Profile Assessment and Revamp

  • Ready to transform your online dating profile, and your approach to dating in general? Get clear on what you are really looking for, find the best apps to meet your relationship goals, create clear and concise copy that conveys you and what you're looking for, assess your visual presence and update it for maximum effectiveness, come into alignment with what you say you're looking for versus what you're actually attracting, use your intuition to feel safe and confident in the dating world, mindset tips to turn dating from a chore into a lot of fun!

Option 2: Couples Connection Ritual

  • This in depth ritual brings you and your partner together for the opportunity to re-connect with each other and shift stuck relationship energy that is blocking you from experiencing intimacy and deep love. In the sacred space of the 'puja' (a sanskrit word that simply means "a ritual to honor the beloved"), you will have the opportunity to slow down, become present to one another. You will move the energy by moving your bodies, breathing, focusing on non-sexual touch, gazing, and speaking from the depth of your hearts in order to re-engage from the space of true compassion.