Welcome to Lovewise. I’m Erin.

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I’m on a mission to help you level-up your relationships. Specifically:

  • Teaching the skills you wish you had learned if there was a relationship school: communication, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

  • Transforming your mindset about your self-worth, limiting beliefs, and stories holding you back from the love you want.

  • Inspiring connection between individuals and communities.

My background:

Like most of us, I grew up in a family who struggled with relationships. My parents loved each other and my sister and I to the best of their ability, but conflict, disconnection and unconscious behavior ruled our home. It was not an environment for learning how to ‘do’ healthy relationships.
As an adult, I got married (out of the conditioned thinking “that’s just what you do”) to another well-meaning, but equally unconscious man. Together we struggled with….conflict, disconnection and unconscious behavior. I was awash in anxiety and depression, medicated, and life seemed like it would be long and meaningless.
Once that relationship ended, I ended up in another relationship in which similar patterns played out. At that point, I began to question the cultural expectations about monogamy as the ‘natural’ structure for intimate relationships.
That relationship ended too. I spent the next three years being intentionally single, going on a quest to explore all of the questions I had: why do I keep ending up in unhealthy relationships? why do I feel so stuck? how do I heal and shift patterns from childhood that are keeping me stuck in all areas of my life? how and who do I want to love?
I explored, I discovered, I healed, I changed, I grew. I still am. I’ve dedicated my life to creating conscious love and helping others find it too. I know now more than I ever did before: relationships are the single greatest catalyst for growth in our lives, the single-most important factor in long-term happiness and health, and the most challenging experience of our lives. They are designed that way, designed to be our greatest opportunity for growth, connection, pleasure and joy in life.
Let me help you on this path to discover how you can turn relationship challenges into your greatest growth opportunities. It will be the greatest investment in yourself you will ever make. Ready? Schedule a free consultation with me here.